How to Eat Grapefruit and Still Keep Your Dignity

Best Way to Eat Grapefruit

Happy Presidents Day! I completely forgot that I would have off work today until I was listening to ‘It is Well With My Soul’ and thinking about the mounds of work that I have to get back to on Monday…then I realized that I don’t have to go in until Tuesday! Some of my favorite holidays anymore are the ones where there’s absolutely zero responsibility involved. Christmas is beautiful and everyone’s filled with joy, but there’s something awfully special about celebrating a holiday in your pajamas with no cookies to bake or presents to wrap!

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked to give you my favorite way to prepare grapefruit! I did a short excerpt in my college newspaper about our cafeteria a few years ago. (Now, before I give you this statistic, I want to note that the college I attended only had about 800 students on campus and only 2/3 of those had meal plans.) They went through 70 grapefruit everyday! And they served them cut in half. So 140 grapefruit halves! So if we do a little math……click that means that one out of every three people eating at the cafeteria was having grapefruit. As a grapefruit lover, that’s just really exciting to me.

In my parents house we had a grapefruit knife that had a double knife on one end to cut on either side of each of the white membranes and a curved knife to cut around the whole outside. It was effective, but you lost most of your fruit and it took three lifetimes to eat your breakfast. At my college, we used grapefruit spoons. They had little teeth on them to help you dig through your fruit and pull it out.

The first problem with these spoons was that you lost a ton of fruit. But the bigger problem was the massive interruption to all of our stories. You know, you’re in the middle of talking about the incident where your bio prof was picking his laptop case off of the floor when his pants split and,


Your friend just got a grapefruit spritz in her eye and now she’s writhing in pain and nobody will ever know about how your prof had to spend the rest of the day with his sweater tied around his waist so nobody would see his knickers (because he was british).

So really, I need to write this post not to help you eat more nutritious food, but rather to save you from this travesty. Let’s get going.

1. Gather your materials.

  1. Chef’s knife
  2. Cutting board (if you have the option, definitely pick one with a lip around the edge)
  3. Dish Towel (optional, but it will save you a bunch of cleanup later just by placing it under your cutting board)

Best Way to Cut Grapefruit

2. Turn your grapefruit on its side and slice off both ends.

Hold the fruit with your non-dominant hand and slice one side. Spin the fruit around to slice off the other end.

Best Way to Eat Grapefruit

3. Place either of the flat ends down flat on the cutting board. Remove the peel by slicing from top to bottom following the curve of the peel. Turn the fruit slightly and repeat until you’ve removed all of the peel.

Best Way to Eat Grapefruit

4. The bottom part will most likely have a little bit of peel remaining. Simply hold the fruit in your non-dominant hand, place the knife behind the remaining peel, and turn the fruit slowly while applying pressure with your knife.

If this whole holding and slicing thing freaks you out a bit, I’d suggest purchasing a cut resistant glove.

5. Slice your grapefruit in half across the grain.

Best Way to Cut Grapefruit

6. Place the flat sides of each half face-down on the cutting board and make cuts across the fruit. Between each cut, you’ll want to spin the fruit about 45 degrees to create bite-sized pieces. Best Way to Eat Grapefruit

7. Enjoy!

You’ll notice that we haven’t removed the white membranes separating each piece. This is actually really good fiber and once you try it you really won’t notice it. So give it a shot before you pout.


Alright friends. Grab your grapefruit, give it a shot and let me know what you think! What’s your favorite grapefruit topping? I’ve heard of honey and sugar, but do you have any other ideas I should try out?


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