Kiwi In Your Belly In Just Seven Steps

cut a kiwi fast

I’ve always enjoyed kiwi. I just never like the way that my throat feels after I eat them. You know that feeling when you feel like there’s hair stuck to the inside of your esophagus, the tingle right behind your Adam’s apple area, and the way your whole throat feels a little sticky? Well, it wasn’t until I announced this to a group of friends who all replied that they had never experienced this that I discovered that I have a slight allergy to kiwi. Fortunately/unfortunately, they’re so dang yummy that I just don’t care and I eat them anyway.

Shout out to my friend Leah for sending this tutorial my way. This was half as fast before she politely interrupted me to tell me what’s what. P.S. You should definitely check out her portfolio at Jayne & Joy. She’s a brilliant designer and super cool woman of God. She and her partner, Christiana, have been helping me along my blogging journey. They’re both crazy talented and I would definitely suggest checking them out.

Alright friends, like the man on the Old Spice Commercials, “now back to me.” I’m really excited to share this with you because it’s super simple and after this you’ll be able to love kiwi to death (literally, if you’re allergic) just like me!

1. Grab Your Supplies!

  1. Sharp knife – either a paring knife or chef’s knife will be fine
  2. Spoon – if you have little spoons (there’s probably a better term) and soup spoons, pick the soup spoon
  3. Cutting Board

cut a kiwi fast

2. Remove both ends of your kiwi.

cut a kiwi fast

3. Place one flat end on the cutting board and slice your kiwi in half.

cut a kiwi fast

4. Place one of the halves in the palm of your hand and slide the side of your spoon between the skin and the fruit. Continue the half circle until the fruit has been entirely removed from the skin.

If you’re feeling antsy, or aren’t too picky, feel free to just munch on your fruit after this step!

cut a kiwi fast

cut a kiwi fast

5. Slice your fruit into bite-sized pieces.

Depending on your “biters” you might want to just make three or four slices across the width as shown, or if you have little ones and want smaller bites, first make one slice along the length.

cut a kiwi fast

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with your other half.

cut a kiwi fast

7. Voila!

cut a kiwi fast

So there you go! This is a quick-and-dirty seven stepper (and frankly, does step 7 even count as a step?). Try it out and let me know if you have an even faster way for me to get that kiwi in me. Also, if you have any fun “I didn’t know I was allergic until I…” stories, I want to hear those too! (Unless they’re gross. Use your discretion.)

Here’s a video version of this tutorial!



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