The Fastest Way to Cut Cantaloupe (Hint: It Includes an Ice Cream Scoop)

fastest way to cut cantaloupe

Hey there ladies and gents! Here’s a little bit of information about me. When I’m not cutting fruit (aka, most of the time) I’m an events coordinator. I just finished up a food event today where all of the restaurants in our area get together and have samples for our nearly 600 guests. We had everything from root hash to 15 flavors of slushies to gourmet chocolates.

What they don’t tell you about being an event coordinator is that you don’t ever actually get to participate in the event that you’re hosting. So my tastings included bribing the bakery to give me an extra big slice of cake while I hid behind their banner to avoid other vendors asking me questions  and taking a shot of a pina colada slushy since I was absolutely parched! Also, nobody thinks about just how 650 boxes of donuts made it into the 650 tote bags.


However, it really does all feel worth it when I can tell that all my guests were comfortable and enjoyed the event. I’m truly looking forward to enjoying a month of peace until my next monster event.

So anyway, I’m really looking forward to this post because I can pretty much bank on not having someone tapping my shoulder needing an immediate answer to a question once I hit publish. Also, I’m under my covers in my jammies now instead of running around my venue which makes me pretty happy.

1. Gather your supplies.

  1. Chef’s Knife
  2. Cutting Board (with a raised edge is best)
  3. Ice cream scoop (a large spoon will also work)
  4. Cantaloupe
  5. Dish Towel (under your cutting board for easy cleanup!)

fastest way to cut cantaloupe

2. Slice your cantaloupe in half.

fastest way to cut cantaloupe

3. Grab your ice cream scoop and scoop out the seeds from both halves.

fastest way to cut cantaloupe

4. Place one of your halves flat-side down. Make a flat cut across the top, but before you remove the top entirely, curve your knife and follow the shape of your fruit to remove a strip of the skin.

5. Following the shape of the fruit, make a slice to remove another strip of the skin. Turn the fruit slightly and continue removing the skin.

I can’t be the only one that thinks that removing the skin sounds gross! But I can’t think of another name for it.

fastest way to cut cantaloupe

6. Place your non-dominant hand flat on the top of the fruit and press down slightly. While holding down, make three or four horizontal slices starting from the bottom and moving up.


7. Once you’ve created a few layers, slice straight down.

fastest way to cut cantaloupe

8. Continue slicing in different directions (I generally make 4 slices total) until you have bite-sized pieces.

I’ll be honest, sometimes the top layer gets really annoying and slides off. If so, just go with the flow. Remove that top layer and cut it by itself.

9. If you’d like the space on your cutting board, use this time to slide the fruit from your first half into a bowl. Next, repeat steps 4-8 with your other cantaloupe half.

fastest way to cut cantaloupe

So there are a few more steps in this one than most posts, but I think once you try it out you’ll find that it’s really not too difficult of a process. So enjoy your fruit and good luck with this daylight savings business!


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