How to Remove Grape Stems Without Wanting to Cry

fastest way to remove stems from your grapes

You know how usually bridal showers just suck?

Let’s bring together a bunch of people who don’t know each other, make them mingle, give them weird and boring activities to do, then finish up with sitting around for hours watching them open presents that look a lot like the same ones that every. single. other. bride. gets….

Today was different. I got to attend this really awesome bridal shower where I showed up, didn’t know anyone so I accidentally sat down with the bridal party…who were crazy fun and appreciated my random shouting of bridal celebrations. Then my ex-coworker showed up…and I had no idea she was coming so…again, random shouting of bridal celebrations because I got to hang out with my old work-mom. I think my favorite part was that they were all so understanding of the fact that I couldn’t handle brain-oriented games since it’s a Saturday and trying to ask me to come up with three household necessities which start with the letter “E” is just cruel.

You know what’s anything but sucky? Good grapes. My mom always just cleans them and cuts the stems so you get a little personal vine of grapes, but I like being able to just grab a handful out of a bowl and shove them in my face. And this is my blog so I’m going to show you how to do it that way!

1. Grab Your Materials

  1. Grapes
  2. Strainer
  3. A Dish Towel, Dish Cloth, or Paper Towel (to catch the water from the strainer after you rinse them at the end)


2. Pick Up A Single Clump of Grapes

Everything that you pick up should be connected somewhere by vine. Sometimes a bag of grapes will have two or three sections of  grapes. If you have more than one section, just set down your extras for a moment.

fastest way to remove stems from your grapes

3. Apply just enough pressure to keep the grapes from falling out of your hands and move your hands forward and backward slightly in separate directions. Grapes will begin to fall off of your clump.

Keep your strainer directly under your work area to catch your grapes. This will make for easy rinsing of your grapes. Simply set aside your stems when that’s all that’s left in your hands!

4. Use step 3 on any remaining clumps that you may have. Take a peek over your grapes for any insubordinate stems which may be stuck in your grapes. Finally, rinse them with cold water.

fastest way to remove stems from your grapes

Aaand that’s all folks! One of my favorite nutritious summertime snacks is frozen grapes. In lieu of popsicles, I’ll just place some grapes in a bag in the freezer and snack on them whenever I want. I’ve also heard that you can freeze grapes and leave them in your drink to keep it cold. When the grapes thaw out, they make your drink more flavorful rather than watering it down. (I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say this isn’t intended for iced coffee, though!)

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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