Cutting Cauliflower (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

I really love Disney movies. My husband and I still go on a movie date every time a Pixar film comes out. We had wanted to see Moana in theaters, but for one reason or another we never got the chance. We decided to go ahead and buy it once it was out on DVD since we would have made the $20 investment at the theater anyway and watching it at home was better (you know, no bra involved).

We watched the first hour of it nearly a month ago, but started it late at night so we needed to go to bed before we finished it. Tonight was one of our first chill Saturdays in a while so we decided to watch the last 45 minutes of the movie. The plot line was pretty fun and a little bit whimsical, but all we could say at the end of the movie was just how awful the songs were!

Before I even saw Frozen for the first time, I had the tune of three different songs memorized. My husband (boyfriend at the time) thought I had actually gone and seen the movie without him I knew the songs so well. The soundtrack to that movie was spread beyond children. It was on the radio, it was in shopping malls, it was everywhere. After I watched the movie I loved the music so much that I went out of my way to memorize “Let It Go” and “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” so I could sing them to my niece. Also…to my shower head.

Moana had about five songs. Every single one of them was just the character saying exactly what they were doing, but putting a tune to it. There’s literally a verse that just explains what coconuts are and how the villagers use each part of the coconut for various tasks. Not my idea of fun. The thing about soundtracks is, they’re only going to last if they can be felt by someone other than the character in the movie.

Belle isn’t the only person who was surprised to find that a friend became something more significant.

Cinderella isn’t the only one who had a dream her heart made.

And everyone’s felt like they had to hide their true self at some point just like Elsa.

But fortunately, I’ve never felt the immense pressure of using every element of a coconut which is part of why I just didn’t relate to Moana as I have other Disney characters.

Alright, rant complete. Let’s talk about cauliflower!

1. Get it together!

  1. Chef’s Knife
  2. Cutting Board
  3. Cauliflower (yep, still wrapped)

fastest way to cut cauliflower

2. Make your first slice with the plastic still on. The plastic is usually a pain to get off using your hands. Place the green-end down and cut your cauliflower in half.

You’ll need to add some chutzpah to cut through it, but give it a go and try telling me you don’t love it!

fastest way to cut cauliflower

3. Roll your two halves right on out of their plastic prison!fastest way to cut cauliflower

4. Cut each of those halves in half again.fastest way to cut cauliflower

5. Each of the quarters will be attached at one central stalk. Make a 45 degree cut to remove that stalk and most of your pieces will fall off!fastest way to cut cauliflower

6. You’ll still have a few pieces which are going to be too big. Don’t panic. Just cut those in half!fastest way to cut cauliflower

Enjoy my friends!

Not sure what to do with your cauliflower now that you have it cut up? Good news! I have a Pinterest page to help inspire people like you who are brave enough to crack open a cauliflower with me! Try out my Edgy Veggies board to find some ideas. Have some recipes I should add to my board? Send them my way!

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