Unencumbered Cutting of Cucumbers

Fastest way to cut cucumbers

This past weekend I got the chance to chaperone a youth retreat for the first time. The biggest thing that I learned is just how long it takes for humans to learn things. I tend to forget that people have to learn things like how to run instead of walk or how to wink or how to spin. Having a niece has helped me discover this fact. As she picks up new “tricks” that aren’t actually tricks, just things that normal humans can do, I’m always astounded by just how many things we learn during our lifetime.

I sort of forgot that we still learn important things all through life, especially in our teens. Here are some of the questions that I didn’t expect to need to answer this weekend, but did:

  1. Student: Where do I put this trash?
    Me: Uhh…the trashcan?
  2. Student: What should I wear on my feet?
    Me: Shoes. That would definitely be shoes.
  3. Student: Should I go to the bathroom?
    Me: Do you need to pee? If so, then yes. That would be the way to solve that problem.
  4. Not a question, but every time that we would sit down for a meal and the servers would set food out my students would spoon things from the dish in front of them and then leave it there. Literally never passed it until I told them to hand it to the next person.

So here’s the thing. My blog isn’t for everyone. However, there are a lot of people out there who still need to learn things like what to wear on their feet or how to cut up broccoli. I don’t say this to shame anyone, but everyone has to learn life skills from somewhere and I am so very happy to get to be the place where you get to learn skills that can help you lead a healthy life and try new foods.

Here’s another post to show you a quicker way to get meal-ready. Cucumbers, here we come!

1. Gather your supplies.

  1. Cucumber
  2. Chef’s Knife
  3. Cutting Board

You’ll notice that I don’t have a peeler on this list. There are two reasons for that.

  1. Most of the cucumber’s nutrients are in the skin.
  2. Keeping the skin on keeps your cucumber fresh longer. My sliced cucumber can last over a week with the skin on, but with it off it usually lasts about two days. At that point, it’s usually fuzzy. Like, with mold.

Fastest way to cut cucumbers

2. Hold on to one end and start making slices at the other end. You’ll want to throw away the end piece because it will be pretty tough.

This will get you circles!

3. To make half-circles, start out by slicing your cucumber in half length-wise.

Fastest way to cut cucumbers

4. Then, hold the two ends together on one end and slice from the other side.Fastest way to cut cucumbers

5. Easy peasy. That’s how you get both circles and half-circles!Fastest way to cut cucumbers

So for our comments today, I need you to help me out.

I would love to hear some kitchen things that you didn’t learn until later in life that you wish someone would have taught you earlier!

2 thoughts on “Unencumbered Cutting of Cucumbers

  1. I learned that when a recipe calls for softened butter, it’s important that the butter still has structure and isn’t completely melted.


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