The Right Way to Cut Mangoes

If you read my last post about spring onions then you might be aware that I recently went camping and was dreading it. Well here’s a little update for you…


According to my FitBit I got 2 hours and 12 minutes of sleep. I learned what a whip-poor- will sounds like at 5:00 AM. And my hips discovered that air mattresses are basically useless. If you sleep next to your husband, then you’re on the ground. If you sleep on the other side to balance things out, then you freeze.

I called my dad when I got home and thanked him for never taking me camping as a kid.

However, my husband treated me to Olive Garden To-Go WITH DESSERT afterwards so we could eat on the couch in our jammy jams and watch Dinotopia.

So moving on to more pleasant things…summer is basically here. It’s staying light until like 8:30, but it’s not too hot yet so I can still enjoy running outside after work and I. AM. PUMPED.

What’s a better summer food than mangoes? I can’t think of any so let’s man-go!

Sorry. That was lame. I won’t do it again, I promise.


1. Get It Together

  1. Mango
  2. Chef’s Knife
  3. Cutting Board
  4. Spoon

You want to feel your mango and make sure that it gives a little bit when you press the side with your thumb. A ripe mango will be slightly soft and will have more red on it’s peel.

fastest way to cut mangoes

2. Turn your mango so it’s on one of the ends and make a slice about half an inch to the side.

If you run into the core during this slice, don’t panic. Just move a little bit further away from the center. You won’t be able to cut through the core. So don’t get frustrated, just avoid it.

fastest way to cut mangoes

3. Flip your mango around and remove the fruit on the other side. fastest way to cut mangoes

4. Still with your fruit on it’s end, make a cut to the left and right of the core to get the rest of the fruit.IMG_2487

5. Place the round side of one of your halves on the cutting board. Make about six slices into your fruit BUT you don’t want to cut the whole way through the skin. IMG_2500

6. Turn your mango 90 degrees and make a few more slices.

Again, you DO NOT want to cut the whole way through the skin.IMG_2503

7. Next, grab your spoon, line up the edge of your spoon right inside the skin and scoop out your diced mango!

8. Now for your extra strips of mango. Make a few slices along these strips. Don’t go through the skin.


9. Use your spoon to scoop out your mango.

10. Yum yum!

fastest way to cut mangoes

What are you going to do with your yummy mango this summer? Eat it by itself? Put it in some yogurt? I want to hear in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “The Right Way to Cut Mangoes

  1. Thank you, your unripeness! Living in FL, we will have lots of opportunities to eat ‘free’ mangoes. Just ate one a few minutes ago.

    Not sure about PA, but the FL Wendy’s have a seasonal salad that features mangoes and strawberries with grilled chicke. Mmm mmm.


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