Two Ways to Cut Lemons and Limes

Do you have any weird traditions that you have with your friends for no good reason? Maybe it’s even something that nobody likes, but somehow it got started and now it’s just part of what you do when you’re together? Yes…this is one of those stories.

We had a tradition in our youth group where we would get people to do weird tricks like jumping in the lake during the winter, or ahem…drop a nugget over a cliff, etc. all in the name of being called “King of the Youth Group” or KOYG for short.

This title (which, by the way, is literally the only thing you get for performing these tricks) started a tradition of doing just some weird, dumb, and often unpleasant activities in the name of fun like jumping over a fire while holding hands. The one that for some reason stuck was that we’d all have to get a lemon in our drink when we went out to eat. At the end of dinner, it was tradition for the four of us (the fearsome foursome as we self-proclaimed our group to be) to take our lemon and eat it. And I don’t just mean the flesh. We ate the whole darn thing. Rind and all. And we did this for years.

This is one of those bizarro things that we bonded over and really for no good reason other than…peer pressure maybe? I don’t know. I want to hear a weird tradition that you do with your friends! Leave it in the comments below.

Also…I should note that I am life long QOYG (Queen of Youth Group). Although by default because I was the only girl…still I say, “Long live the Queen.”


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So it’s the time of year where lots of things need lemons and limes. Your drinks, your tacos, your fish, really anything. Sooo I have two ways that you can cut your lemons and limes below: wedges and slices.


1. Gear Up!

  1. Chef’s Knife
  2. Lemon or Lime
  3. Cutting Board
  4. Dish Towel (under your cutting board)

two ways to cut lemons and limes

2. Place your lime or lemon on its side and cut it in half length-wise.

3. Place the flat sides down and slice them in half (still length-wise).


4. Carefully hold that quarter you just cut at the top so it doesn’t move and make a 45 degree cut.

By the way, if knives freak you out (which by the way, no shame, you’re not alone) then I’d suggest getting a pair of cut-resistant gloves. They’ve saved me a number of times and they’re really reasonably priced.


5. Cut the other quarter in half at a 45 degree angle. I’d just lightly hold on to the very bottom.


6. Repeat all of these steps on the other half and voila! You just made lemon or lime wedges!

two ways to cut lemons and limes


1. Supplies!

  1. Chef’s Knife
  2. Lemon or Lime
  3. Cutting Board
  4. Dish Towel (underneath the cutting board to catch any juice that may drip)

two ways to cut lemons and limes

2. Flip your lime or lemon on its side and slice off both ends.

3. Hold onto your lime or lemon on your non-dominant side.

two ways to cut lemons and limes

4. Begin making slices starting at the end that is farthest from your hand. Make slices that are about a quarter to half inch thick.

two ways to cut lemons and limes

5. There you go! Easy peasy lemon…oh.

Sorry. I can’t find a way to avoid being lame.

two ways to cut lemons and limes

Alright lovelies! Enjoy and let me know in the comments below about EITHER your favorite use for lemons/limes OR your favorite weird tradition with your best friends.

5 thoughts on “Two Ways to Cut Lemons and Limes

  1. I’m not a big lemon water person, and I don’t drink a ton of water in general even though I know it’s good for you. A friend had me try squirting some lime juice in my water and I was pleasantly surprised. It helps me stay hydrated better because the flavor encourages me to drink more water.


  2. If you’ve seen Monsters Inc, you might remember when Mike and Sully were in a TV commercial for their company. As soon as they appeared on screen, Mike was instantly covered with the company logo. Similarly when they appeared on the cover of a magazine, he was covered by the magazine’s bar code. In both instances, Mike says, “I can’t believe it.” Sully starts to comfort him, thinking he’s upset, but before he can get the words out, Mike finishes, “I’m in a commercial!” or “I’m on the cover of a magazine!” So now when my family finds an embarrassingly tiny thing for us to be excited about–like my sister’s field hockey stick (not her body) being in the newspaper, or me being printed about 1/4″ tall in the background of a photo in a work brochure, or the family ending up on a website because a photographer took a picture of an athlete and we happened to be sitting in the stands behind them–we group text our family with the caption of, “I can’t believe it…!”


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