Salsa-Ready Tomato Slicing Technique

the best way to cut tomatoes

I’m at the beach a few days this week which has been super nice. First, we’re still at the age where we can hang out with our families and love it, but also get a free vacation out of it. Second, I’m not the only one that cooks in the house this week so I’ve only actually cooked once. And third, I finally get the chance to read some books which I basically never get the opportunity to do! And all this in exchange for a four-hour drive with my BFFL (my husband) and some serious sunburn even though I was only outside for four hours and reapplied three times (what the heck!?).

So right now I’m in a non-fiction storm because I haven’t been able to find any fiction stories in a while to keep my attention. So if you have any good fiction suggestions (I Ender’s Game and Harry Potter are some of my favorite books so keep that in mind) please do let me know!

What I’m reading right now is:

  • Freakonomics which is all about this economist using data to figure out things like what kind of people are most likely to cheat, what makes a good parent, etc.
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team which I actually HAD to read for work, but was still pretty interesting and well written as it goes through a model of how to build a team based on trying to reach a singular goal
  • The Four-Hour Work Week which talks about creating a lifestyle you want to live and how to form a job for yourself that fits that lifestyle

They’re all sort of different ideas than I’m used to so it’s been fun to read through these and decide what I think about each.

So this next tutorial is on tomatoes which about 30% of you will have no need for…but most of you will, I hope, want to learn how to cut tomatoes quickly because they’re delicious and yummy!

1. What you need:

  1. Chef’s knife (if you don’t have a sharp chef’s knife I would use a serrated knife!)
  2. Tomato
  3. Cutting Board (if you get one with ridges you’ll have a better time keeping your table clean)

fastest way to cut tomatoes

2. Remove the top bit to get rid of the green stem.fastest way to cut tomatoes

3. Make about 6 slices.fastest way to cut tomatoes

4. Make two stacks of your slices with the flat end on the cutting board.fastest way to cut tomatoes

5. Make four or five slices through your whole stack. Try, if possible, to keep all of your slices in a row.

fastest way to cut tomatoes

6. Next, if your stacks have gotten a little hap-hazard then pull them back together. Either turn your whole cutting board or if you can keep the tomato slices together then turn your tomato 90 degrees. You’ll want to slice across the slices you just made to dice your tomatoes. fastest way to cut tomatoes

7. Repeat this process on your second stack!

Here’s a helpful tip: If you’re adding your tomatoes to a quiche or something where excess water may change the consistency of your dish, then sprinkle some salt over your tomatoes and mix it in. Place your tomatoes in a colander over your sink or a bowl and let the juice drip out. This will help heating times stay consistent by not adding additional moisture to a recipe. fastest way to cut tomatoes

Did you know that I have a Pinterest page to help you find ideas for what to do with all these new skills you have? Click here and check me out!

One thought on “Salsa-Ready Tomato Slicing Technique

  1. I was having trouble with the link to Pinterest (could be my settings, service, etc) so I searched for you instead. If anyone else is having trouble, you can find her under “theunripefig”. (Make sure you include “the” because otherwise you’ll get a different unripefig!)


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