How to Eat Papaya

fastest way to cut papaya

You know that freaky long green fruit that has been catching your eye at the grocery store recently? Yep, I know you see it. That, dear, is a papaya. And I have bad news for you. You no longer have a legitimate reason to ignore it. I know it looks overwhelming and scary. I frankly don’t blame you for feeling that way, but I didn’t spend hours looking at different YouTube videos to find the best way to eat papaya just to have you back away now. So march on over to that basket of papayas and let’s give this a shot!

1. Gather your supplies.

  1. Chef’s Knife
  2. Papaya (Be brave! You can do this, Friend!)
  3. Cutting Board
  4. Bowl for scraps
  5. Ice Cream Scoop

fastest way to cut papaya

2. Remove both ends so they’re flat.

3. Place the big end down on your cutting board. Use your knife to shave off the peel.

A vegetable peeler will also work just fine, but if your knife is sharp then this will feel just like slicing through warm butter. So satisfying.

fastest way to cut papaya

4. Slice your papaya in half length-wise.fastest way to cut papaya

5. Good job! Next we’re going to remove those rabbit turds…I mean, papaya seeds. fastest way to cut papaya

6. Use your ice cream scoop to remove all of the seeds.

This is where your bowl will come in handy because if you just set these seeds off to the side they’re pretty rolly polly and will end up all over the place.

Also, the papaya can get pretty slippery so if you need to, grab it with your whole hand, place one end on the cutting board and a finger on the top to secure your grip before scooping.

7. Next, line up both of your de-seeded halves with the hollow side down on the cutting board. Steady the fruit on one side with your non-dominant hand, and start making slices from the other side.

8. Next, you can turn your cutting board 90 degrees and slice in the opposite direction to make cubes.

fastest way to cut papaya

9. Bon Appetit!fastest way to cut papaya

Alright, bud! Now you have no excuse not to go out and get that freaky fruit. Grab one and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “How to Eat Papaya

  1. I literally just noticed papayas at my grocery store yesterday! This is the conversation I had with myself in my mind. “What is that?” [Read sign] “Oh, a papaya. That makes sense. Not sure what to do with it though.” Now I do!


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