Watermelon Cutting, It’s Super Possible

This week I was writing an editorial at work for our local business journal. This isn’t something I usually do. Most of my activities at work require me to use photos and describe what I’m doing in 140 characters or less. Editorial writing is super out of my comfort zone. Press releases don’t scare me one bit. They want my release to be as short as possible…I can be professional for eight or nine sentences…but sounding like an adult for a whole 1000 words? Nah. Not a thing that I’m into.

I know all of my student readers are probably scoffing at me for being scared of 1000 words, but it’s been almost three years now since I’ve needed to write anything of substance. Give me a break!

Also, just like every student. I was writing on a subject matter that I knew nothing about. Like, at all. I was writing an article about the effects of universities on the local economy.

I was an art major. My free time activity is watching CW superhero shows. My volunteer time is spent with children.

I was NOT qualified to write this piece in the slightest.

So I started my outline (that’s what they told us to start with in school, right?). Then I found someone I could interview. I added their information to the outline. Then I had to remember how to properly construct sentences. Every sentence I added I read it over again with the realization that there was some way I was supposed to change it, but with no memory of what I was taught to do.

Fortunately, my big sister worked in PR for five years so I was able to send it to her and she sent it back with every sentence in active voice (whatever that is.)

So all that to say…I’m really glad to be back to blog writing today where you guys get me and don’t mind that I use bullet points. I really appreciate each of you who read these every week. It means a lot and I don’t say that enough.

NOW. On to fun things. Watermelon!

So to clarify…my cousin was super nice and let me shoot this while her husband was making us dinner. So…you’ll see Kyle’s bum every once in a while. But this is probably how your cooking goes too most days, no?

1. Gather your supplies

  1. Watermelon
  2. Chef’s Knife
  3. Cutting Board
  4. Giant Bowl
  5. Towel under your cutting board (this will save you lots of cleanup!)


2. Cut off both ends.

3. Place a flat side down. Place your blade between the red flesh and the white layer. Follow the curve of your watermelon from top to bottom.

Continue this all the way around until all of the rind has been removed. (I believe in you!)

4. Ba-boom! I knew you could do it!

I told you we’d see Kyle’s bum!


5. Press down on the top and make horizontal slices from the bottom to the top.

If you keep pressing down the whole time, you can use the weight of the watermelon to keep all of your layers in place.


6. To make this next step easier, split your stack in half. Next, make slices in both directions so you get cubes!


7. That’s the spirit! Now place those cubes in a giant bowl and repeat that last step with your second stack.


8. Hot dang, you did it!

Now go feed an army. Otherwise you’ll be swimming in watermelon all week.


2 thoughts on “Watermelon Cutting, It’s Super Possible

    1. I gotta admit. I’m also very into making meals that come from freezer ingredients. It really helps me feel like I’m doing a good job at not wasting food because it won’t go bad for a long time.


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