Super Easy Pear Cutting

Today I had the awesome experience of going to my town’s art festival. Last year, I went to an amusement park on this day so I didn’t get the opportunity. This also reminds me that this is the one year anniversary of my husband and I deciding that we’ll never pay to go to an amusement park ever again. We had a great time with the friends that we went with…but we realized that we paid about $60 to ride rides for a grand total of 17 minutes…and we got there when the park opened. But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about how cool my sister is.

Here’s the dealio. We’re a pretty cheap family. We don’t like wasting money on things. Case in point, my sister and I went to an art fest where there were about twenty face painters and an amazing kid’s area with lots of crafts and games. Around lunch time, we decided to grab food and head back to my apartment, which is just two blocks from the town square, so we could eat our lunches in the A/C.

My niece was upset that she didn’t get a face painting (because each place cost like, $15) and she kept bringing it up. So my sister asked for any paints I had and when I came back from the bathroom my niece looked like this:


I can’t even draw a circle using a stencil, let alone draw a humming bird with a “fyower on ma noze.”

I’m just so amazed by people with skills. Of any sort. Those People Are Awesome videos always have me looking for the strings attached to people, but even simple things like people that know how to build a house that doesn’t fall…or even a chair that doesn’t crumble when I sit on it just blow my mind.

So here we go. Prepare to be amazed by my super awesome skill…cutting fruit!! Also, so you know that my niece doesn’t always act like a princess… this is her asking me if we can look for “mean worms” in my dirt patch.


1. Grab your supplies.

Nothing too crazy. Just grab a pear, paring knife, and a cutting board.

A little tip: To know if your pear is ripe or not, press into the “neck” slightly with your thumb. If it gives a little then you’re ready to eat. If it’s still hard, then give it another day or two and check again.

pears (3)

2. Quarter your pear.

Slice it in half. Then slice your halves each one more time.

3. Grab a quarter. We need to remove the core! Place your knife about a quarter inch from the center and slice down.

pears (7)

4. Once you remove the core, cut your quarter in half for easy eating.

pears (1)

5. Repeat this process with each of your quarters and enjoy!

pears (2)

How do you eat your pears? I usually just eat them by themselves, but I’d love to hear your ideas!

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