What’s an Unripe Fig?

I’ve been asked a number of times why the blog is called the Unripe Fig. I realized that I really never updated you guys on who I am or why I do this blog thing. So today’s the day friends. Get ready!

Why the Unripe Fig?

In my junior year of college I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a semester in the middle east and to see so many places that are in the bible. We went to Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Greece, and Italy. We did the math and found that we, on average, changed beds every four days. There were a lot of things to see! To be honest, I don’t have a ton of proof that I was at any of these places, because I was the person with the camera so I wasn’t in too many photos…but just for a tiny bit of proof that I was there…

Here’s me with some pyramids!


So anyway… there’s this place in Israel called “Bethphage” (pronounced Beth Page in English). It’s right outside of Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives. As my name is Bethany Paige I was pretty tickled to find out that this town is named after me.

Unfortunately, in Hebrew this town is pronounced more like “bait foggy.” Which is slightly less adorable. 

I’m, like, right down the road from Bethphage in this photo with our super fashionable outfits:


Now. What does Bethphage translate to? You’re right! The Unripe Fig. 

So on this trip I started being called “Fig” since everyone was as tickled about this as I was. So I decided that if I ever got the chance to publish something, I somehow wanted to incorporate my namesake.

What’s the Unripe Fig?

Part of the reason I was so down with being called fig or the unripe fig was because I feel like it matches my personality really well. Figs are sweet, they’re unique in this part of the world, they’re practical, and fairly sustaining. Without being boastful, I totally rock each of those things. As for our “unripe” part, I definitely still feel like I’m making my way and haven’t quite blossomed.

The Unripe Fig feels like a sense of adventure and lovingly embracing each moment in life and dishing that out to each person I meet.

It reminds me of this picture on top of Mt. Sinai…or really any time that I take a jumping picture. Because I don’t know how to do one so I look cute or so I look like a normal person…but I just can’t keep my joy inside of me.


What the Unripe Fig isn’t…

I’ve recently been notified that most people consistently misread my domain name. So just to clarify…my name is NOT:

  1. The Unripe Pig
  2. The Unpiped Rig
  3. The Untyped Pig
  4. The Uncooked Pig

Nope. Didn’t make those up. Those were names that people have actually told me that they have mixed up with my blog name. It’s okay…we all can’t read sometimes.

Why did you make a blog?

I get this question a lot. And the faces I get when I explain that I specifically teach people how to cut fruits and veggies are just hilarious.

There are a few layers to this answer.

The basic answer is that I like to cook and I want other people to have the basic skills required to create nutritious meals. I learned how to cut fruits and veggies really fast while working in the produce department at my local grocery store.

Someone at work pointed out that this is a skill that not everybody has. I didn’t believe him…but then I got married and watched my husband try to make a salad. Then I believed him. 

On a secondary level, I LOVE trying new things. This blog has been the latest on my things to try. I’m one of those people who will try just about anything…twice. I’m not as aware as I should be that I’m insanely capable of failure. Sometimes, this causes me to fall flat on my face like a moron…but for the most part it works out for me and I get to try new and exciting experiences.

For example: I think that I look pretty cool here acing my first Tough Mudder…right?


Wow. So graceful as I glide over this obstacle with ease. I bet nothing will ever go wrong…


You know…until I belly flop into freezing cold water from 15 feet in the air.

All because I really really thought I was capable of grabbing that bar in front of me.


Thanks for checking out my fun photo post of me. If you get one thing out of this five minutes of reading, I hope that it is this:

My Dad told me recently that he discovered that he’d be able to encourage so many more people if he chose to say “Wow” instead of “Why?”

God created us which means we have the capacity to do wonderful things. I really think that we need to support each other more and encourage one another in our goals. Start by being amazed by your friends’ ambition rather than cutting down or questioning their goals. Have a great week, friend!

Learn to say -Wow- instead of -Why--

4 thoughts on “What’s an Unripe Fig?

  1. Very interesting. I knew how Bethphage related to your name and translated to unripe fig, but I didn’t know of all of the personal emotion that came with it.
    P.S. Since my phone apparently isn’t used to typing unripe fig, it autocorrected to unreal dog. Even my phone doesn’t know what your blog is called!


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