DIY Spice Blend Christmas Gifts

Howdy friends! We haven’t talked since Thanksgiving. Woahhh!

I don’t know about you, but holiday shopping is always crazy stressful for me. I’m terrible at knowing what I want for Christmas let alone what ten other people want for Christmas. I finally started trying to be really purposeful about remembering things that people look at in stores or mention off-hand that they want and then secretly buying it for them…

This really hasn’t worked out for me though. I thought that they would mention the sweatshirt they wanted and then move on and forget they’d ever said that. But of course I’m not that sneaky and now their mom is getting them that sweatshirt because they didn’t look at the sweatshirt and then walk away and forget. They looked at that sweatshirt and put it on their Christmas list like a normal human.

The Christmas Gift idea I’m about to give you will NOT help you with super personal heart-wrenching gifts that they will remember for years to come. Because as I just explained, I’m terrible at that. So terrible that I had my husband order his own gift so I don’t mess it up.

However, if you have a couple of rando’s in your life (that’s ‘random people’ for my coworkers who are reading this) that you don’t need to get anything too specific for them and you don’t have money to buy them anything that’s super fantastic, then this is the gift for you. In fact, you may be able to literally buy one thing and pull everything else out of your kitchen cabinets if we do this right.

This DIY Spices Gift tutorial is like you sharing your super awesome recipes with the world in a way that makes them feel like you’re taking a slice out of your own personal cookbook…but you don’t have your own cookbook, so I will make one up for you!

You’ll probably spend $5-$7 per gift depending on what you already have in your house.

Here’s a video to show you all the steps, but below you’ll find written instructions as well as the recipes and free labels you’ll need.

DIY Spices Gift

1. Gather Your Supplies

Grocery Store Items:

  • salt
  • dried parsley
  • dried dill weed
  • dried chives
  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • black pepper
  • chili powder
  • cumin
  • dried oregano
  • paprika
  • ground thyme
  • brown sugar

2. Make Your Spice Blends

It’s very helpful to create spice blends in 16 oz. mason jars so you can shake and pour them super easily. Use a bowl or jar for each of these blends:

Mediteranean Blend

4 Tbsp.     dried basil

4 Tbsp.     dried oregano

2 Tbsp.     garlic powder

1 Tbsp.     onion powder

2 tsp.        salt

1 tsp.        black pepper

2 Tbsp.     dried parsley

1 Tbsp.     ground thyme

Barbecue Blend

1/2 c.        brown sugar

4 Tbsp.    cumin

2 Tbsp.    chili powder

1 Tbsp.    garlic powder

1 Tbsp.   onion powder

4 Tbsp.    salt

Ranch Blend

4 tsp.        salt

4 Tbsp.    dried parsley

1 Tbsp.    dried dill weed

1 Tbsp.    dried chives

1 Tbsp.    garlic powder

1 Tbsp.    onion powder

1 Tbsp.      black pepper

Mexican Blend

4 Tbsp.     chili powder

4 Tbsp.     cumin

1 Tbsp.     onion powder

1 Tbsp.     garlic powder

2 tsp.        salt

2 Tbsp.    oregano

2 tsp.       paprika

3. Shake and Pour

Shake up your jars or stir your bowls.

Pour an even amount of each spice blend into 3 of the 4 oz. mason jars.

diy christmas gift spices-6448

4. Add lids and tape doughnuts.

diy christmas gift spices-6453

5. Print your free labels, cut them out, and stick to the appropriate jars.

Download Free Labels

Christmas Spices Labels


6. Screw on your lids and place two tape doughnuts on the top of each of your jars.

You don’t need to place tape doughnuts on jars that will be on the top.

tape donuts.PNG

7. Stack your jars in sets of four. Each stack should have four different spice blends included.


8. Place three layers of tissue paper flat on the table. Fold one end back an inch. Place one of your spices stacks on the other end and roll it until it’s totally covered. Tape the seam to keep it shut.

Make the bottom layer of tissue paper a different color for a nice aesthetic.


9. Fold and tape the bottom end to keep it shut.


10. Place the end down on the table and twist the top slightly. Tie some ribbon to keep the top shut and curl it using a pair of scissors. Finally, tape your to and from label to the front.

diy christmas gift spices-6468

Ta da! Here’s your DIY Christmas gifts for the season. Each stack will probably cost $5-$7 depending on how many spices you already have in your cabinet.

diy christmas gift spices-6473

You know, you can also give gifts for free by promising a friend a free night of babysitting or gifting your Dad a day of hiking in the spring. Do you have any non-traditional gifts you’re giving this year?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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