Pomegranate Cutting Tutorial (Video)

Happy New Year, Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know mine was spent with a TON of family time and with friends who all made it back to town for the holidays.

Our family has a tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve so that we don’t feel rushed on Christmas day. This has become a lot more fun since my niece and nephew have become old enough that they can help hand out gifts, photobomb us, and try to steal cookies from our plates.

One of my favorite of my nifty gifties was the yoga wheel pictured above. This quickly turned into a competition to see who could do the poses best that came in the instruction manual.

So now that the New Year is over, people keep asking me if I have any New Year’s Resolutions.

Here’s the thing…I’ve always had a hard time making these because then I felt like if I failed them that I was just part of the statistic of the millions of people who don’t accomplish their resolutions. So usually I wait until February and then make some Valentine’s Day resolutions or something so that I don’t have to feel as bad if I don’t accomplish them.

So this year I’m making a much more practical resolution that I actually should be doing anyway. And I’m writing it on here so you guys can call me out if I don’t get it done. So need you to help me out and remind me, okay?

I’m resolving to go to all of my doctors this year. I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy to not always schedule my eye doctor, dentist, primary care physician, etc., but since I started working full time I’ve had the hardest time figuring out when you go to the doctor! Let alone when you call them since most are closed over the lunch hour.

But no more excused. I know that I need to get that done.

Do you guys have any New Year’s Resolutions?

I’d love to hear what they are! Leave me a note in the comments below.

I know that you’re mainly here to learn how to cut a pomegranate though…so let’s hop, skip, and jump over to that subject.

This one is particularly difficult to pick up just by using photos…so here’s a video to help you out:

1. Get your supplies.

  1. Bowl
  2. Paring Knife
  3. Pomegranate

how to cut a pomegranate

2. Find the ridges.

Pomegranates are split into segments like an orange. To help us cut our pomegranates, we’re going to cut the fruit apart into these segments. The first step is to find the ridges by feeling or looking around the fruit to see where these bumps are.


3. Make a slice into each of the ridges.

4. On the bottom side of the fruit, make slices between each of the ridges to make a circle around the whole fruit.

Make SURE you’re doing this on the bottom side of the pomegranate.

Congrats! You just completed the most important parts of this process. You’ve set yourself up for success….but we still need to get the seeds out.

5. Pull one of your outer segments off from the rest of the fruit.

Next, we’ll do the same thing to each of the segments that you pull off.

6. Use your thumbs to push the seeds free from the white membrane.


7. You’ll go back and forth between pushing the seeds free and breaking segments apart so you can find more seeds.

You can do this by placing your thumbs together on the back of the skin, holding onto the fruit with the rest of your fingers, and thrusting your thumbs forward. This will expose seeds that may be hidden behind the membrane.

8. Last, remove any excess white membrane that fell into your bowl.


I guess the last step would be to go wash your hands because you’re going to get MESSY!

There’s nothing super classy about cutting a pomegranate, but by cutting the fruit into segments properly, you can make it MUCH easier for yourself.

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