How to Clean and Chop Cilantro

Okay so I know you’re here for a cilantro tutorial…but first I’d love your help. I didn’t notice until I was almost done with this tutorial that there are words scribbled on the back of my hand in almost every picture.

I have a terrible memory. If I don’t write it down, it never happened. My husband and I have at least six important memories that we have together that each of our stories of that same event sound totally different. That’s part of the reason that I take so many pictures…for proof that my story is right. I’m just kidding about that, but it’s not a bad idea!

I started realizing that this is a problem when I accidentally waited 6 months past the due date to go get my car inspected. Not because I didn’t have the money or the capacity to do so…I just totally forgot it was something that adults had to do.

So here’s my question for you and I’m hoping you can help me out. What has been the most helpful method for you to remember things that you have to do throughout the year? All of my monthly bills are on autopay (thank goodness!), but for the things that you only have to do once a year…how do you keep it in mind to get those things done? Like, is there an app? A book? Do I need a personal assistant? (Don’t choose that last one, I’ll probably forget to have them show up.)

I want to hear your suggestions in the comments about what has been the most helpful for you as you transitioned into adulthood.

Writing on the back of my hand obviously isn’t working, so I’m counting on you.

How to Clean and Chop Cilantro

So apparently either you LOVE cilantro or you absolutely hate it and it’s your genes that decide if you’ll like it or not….so hopefully you’re one of the 90ish percent of the population that DOES like cilantro and you’ll get down with this post. Let’s go!

1. Grab Your Supplies

  1. Bowl of water
  2. Chef’s Knife
  3. Cutting Board
  4. Bunch of Cilantro (still bundled)
  5. Paper Towel

cilantro chopping-7219

2. Dip Your Cilantro in the Water and Swirl It Around

This will cause any dust to rinse out and fall to the bottom of the bowl.

cilantro chopping-7221

3. Use a Paper Towel to Dry Off the Cilantro

4. Hold onto the bundled portion of the cilantro. Use a sharp Knife and slice on an angle away from the bundled part.

It’s fine that you’ll have some stems in with your leaves. The stems are still very flavorful and won’t harm your food in any way. However, I WOULD throw away the thick ends of the stem. You don’t want to ONLY have stems.

5. Pile up your leaves in a row and make five or six cuts across this row.

This helps all of the leaves stay down flat for the next step!

cilantro chopping

Okay…so this next part is my favorite because I feel so darn smooth.

6. Place the tip of the knife in the center/front of your cilantro row. Place a finger on the tip to help keep it flat. Pick up the butt of your knife and CHOP down.

7. Now, move the butt of the knife slightly across the row and repeat.

Keep the tip in about the same spot the whole time!

8. If you like a finer chop, repeat step 7 one or two more times.

Don’t over-chop though, or your cilantro will get wilty…unless you really like it that way. Who am I to judge? I just have a website.

cilantro chopping-7254

Let me know in the comments below if you LOVE or HATE cilantro!

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