I Tried Jackfruit and Here’s What I Learned (VIDEO)

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Happy Easter, everyone! I had a lovely (and totally exhausting) weekend with my family. I did dinner with my niece and nephew on Friday who are adorable. We dug a hole in the backyard until we found this little slug who is named…tree branch. Yes. Original. She told me he looks like a squishy alligator. I like the creativity.

slug picture

Then on Saturday we did brunch with my dad’s family and then celebrated my dad’s birthday. Brunch with this family isn’t like what you’re imagining though. There’s usually a donkey, BB guns, and this year a tree climbing competition…it’s only called brunch because redneck-family-mid-morning-meal was too much of a mouthful.

On Sunday we had Easter dinner at my parents’ house…where I accidentally twinned with my mom. We don’t have a typical parents-making-you-embarrassed relationship though. I think she was much more embarrassed than I was.

twinning with mom

But although it was a super tiring weekend, I have a huge appreciation for Easter. Even though it’s been commercialized just like Christmas, there’s less to fuss about, less to cook, and less to buy. I think this makes it a lot easier to focus on Christ and his sacrifice because you don’t get bogged down by all the other nonsense going on.

So in honor of Easter, I have a quick verse for you:

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8

I love this one because it reminds me that we don’t have to fix ourselves up to be good enough for God. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have it all together. By being right with Christ, he’ll make us whole, not the other way around.

I hope you all had an awesome Easter too! Now let’s learn about this wacky jackfruit thing…

What I Learned About Jackfruit

I kept hearing about this thing called jackfruit on the internet and I finally found one at my local grocery store. I almost didn’t buy it because it was pretty expensive, but I was so curious that I went for it.

This post definitely isn’t a tutorial on how to cut jackfruit, but I had some people asking me about it, so I wanted to give you guys the low-down. I’ll make a tutorial when I have figured this out a little bit better.

1. Jackfruit takes a LONG time to cut.

I made a short video to show you how to get fruit out of a jackfruit and it looks like it happened really fast, but it actually took me 45 minutes.

2. Jackfruit is pretty expensive.

Jackfruit at my grocery store is only $2 per pound, but the smallest one I found was 10 pounds. Then, once you remove all of the inedible parts, you only get about 3 pounds of fruit. Yes, that’s like, $6.50 per pound. Not very cost effective.

jack fruit-

3. Only unripe jackfruit will taste like meat.

Jackfruit has been in the news because you can cook it in a way that it tastes sort of like meat. However, if you get a ripe jackfruit, and try to cook it to taste like meat, you’ll be pretty disappointed (like me).

Ripe jackfruit tastes kind of like a cross between a pineapple and a peach with a slightly rubbery texture. It’s also yummy! But can be confusing if you expect it to taste like chicken.

If you want to eat savory jackfruit, I would suggest getting it canned or in a bag. I know Thrive Market sells it. It’s less than $5 and takes you zero work.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous, Amazon has a variety 10 pack.

jack fruit-7638

4. Jackfruit is related the fig!

This doesn’t help you in any way, but I found it interesting!

jack fruit-7620

5. Jackfruit makes your breath smell a little funny.

You know that feeling in your mouth after eating raw onions? It’s not nearly that bad, but for some reason it makes your breath smell weird.

jack fruit-7624

6. Although it can taste like meat, it has very little protein.

People keep saying that this will be a game changer for people who are trying to eat less meat, and I totally believe it. It has a lot of good nutrients and health benefits. However, you definitely can’t use this as a protein source.


Do you guys have any questions that I didn’t answer about Jackfruit? I plan to buy another one soon so I can look into it if you have any questions!

I’ll keep working towards getting you guys a tutorial on how to cut this properly. So, as they say, “Ta ta for now!”

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