Hello there! I’m Bethany Paige.

I hear a lot of people say that they don’t buy fresh produce because it takes way too long to prepare. That’s why I’ve decided to compile all of the fastest techniques that I’ve learned or developed so that you can try out new fruits and vegetables efficiently and without fear!

If you have a kitchen the size of a postage stamp, I’m with you! All of my supplies can be found in your average kitchen without having to include a whole bunch of gadgets that take up so much space! All you’ll need is a paring knife, chef’s knife, spoon, ice cream scoop, and cutting boards to get started!

Why I got started…

This blog is inspired by a sixth grader that I babysat one evening with my husband. His mom had instructed him to assist me with dinner by preparing a salad for us. We went into the kitchen, I started on the mini pizzas and he started pulling vegetables out of the refrigerator. We were chatting and I was sprinkling some cheese when he announced that he was done with the salad. I thanked him, dismissed him to go back to playing with his brothers, and finished the pizzas.

When I finally turned around to look at the salad I found that the romaine had been pulled apart into five-inch wide segments, tomatoes had been smashed with a butter knife, and carrots were dropped in whole. That’s the day that I discovered that not everyone was taught to cook since they were seven.

Here’s the part about me!

I have two super-cool older sisters who would make cool accessories for my dolls, teach me to play soccer, etc. However, I was seven when they entered middle and high school so they finished “playing” years before me. I would complain to my mom (you know, as second graders do) that they wouldn’t play with me. So she would distract me by giving me responsibilities for dinner which meant that I began working in the kitchen at a fairly young age.

This grew into a love of cooking. I considered becoming a baker, but I got talked out of it because I hate mornings! Now I get to plan events and run marketing campaigns, but on the side I like to help people gain confidence in the kitchen!